Let your security be our concern!


Our multilingual executive protection agents are experienced both in executive and hostile environment, and maintain high professional and ethical standards all times.

Besides domestic security licences, most of our personnel possess another, internationally recognized close protection licence, such as from the Security Industry Authority (UK).

Due to our international network we can provide protective services in many different countries, by experienced local agents with local knowledge and language skills.


Providing high class vehicles with well-trained and experienced professional security drivers.

This service is most common among business people and government organizations but it is also for people who want to travel and do not intend to use their own vehicle or use a conventional rent-a-car or local taxi services.

All of our personnel receive advanced first responder training and the vehicles are equipped with advanced first aid kit.

We are able to provide this service in many different countries, due to our extended professional network that maintain the high standards of Executive Services.


Static guarding of residences, villas, other high profile buildings. Operating and maintain surveillance systems, with experienced multilingual personnel.

The best price for value combination of manned guarding and the technical security systems is the Private Surveillance System. The system is always online and provides opportunity for real time reaction to events.

  • 24/7 real time monitoring
  • Real time warning of events
  • Variable pre-set parameters to watch for
  • Two-way audio connection to the site
  • Audio-visual warning (siren + warning lights)
  • Immediate call to police / patrol services
  • Access to the footage by the police / client almost real time
  • It is not only a camera system but much more


Assessing the threat level of the principal and his/her environment.

Finding security gaps.

Review and assessment of the existing security measures and technical equipment.

Recommendations of the necessary changes in order to keep the security in the required level.


The goal of our travel security services is to make our clients aware of and prepared to the security considerations of an international journey, as well as to ensure that he/she stays safe, happy and productive, whether on a private or a business trip.

Our travel security services consist of the following:

  • Up to date security intelligence report of the destination
  • Travel security training and consultancy
  • Secured transportation at the starting point and the destination
  • Travel security agent during the trip and the destination, familiar with the local environment and language
  • 24/7 monitoring of the security situation and reporting upon any relevant incidents
  • Emergency response in case of any incidents that threaten the security or safety of the client


Our security consultancy services cover all the fields within the corporate environment, where security related risks can be present. The aim is to provide the best price-for-value solution that contributes to the performance and reduces the the security risks besides optimal service cost.

It includes the review of the existing security standards and guidelines and helping to keep them relevant and up to date

  • Building and maintaining security-conscious corporate culture, and bespoke security awareness training programs
  • Security consultancy regarding manned guarding and technical systems
  • Security audit and advisory regarding detection of internal security threats
  • Information security advisory
  • Corporate intelligence and investigations

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